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Organize a Staff Trip

Organizing a staff trip:

A staff trip, also known as incentive travel or incentive trip is a fantastic way to reward, motivate, and strengthen the bond among employees. By rewarding employees with a staff trip, they feel appreciated for their daily contributions to the company. We understand that such a trip is a significant and valuable investment in the staff, and everything must go perfectly.

Check for inspiration our example trips for the destinations: Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz or Huelva.

How to organize an incentive trip?

Planning a group trip can be tricky, especially when traveling to another country with employees. Language and cultural barriers, as well as a lack of local knowledge, can lead to unexpected and unwanted surprises. However, keeping the purpose of the trip and the needs of all participants in mind, combined with our local knowledge and creativity, and careful planning, you have the formula to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Tip! Start planning a group trip well in advance. The recommendation is to start a year before the trip. Flights and hotels are much more affordable, and there is a wider choice since the best hotels quickly fill up in busy periods, as well as the most popular venues for events like gala dinners.

Destination and Accommodation:

After clear formulation of goals and conditions (budget, number of days, number of participants...), it's crucial to choose a suitable destination. What kind of facilities do you need, what environment are you looking for? Read more about this unique destination on our Incentive Travel Andalusia page and find the best trips. Whether you're looking for a city with beautiful monuments, a stunning natural landscape, sun, sea, and beach, or mountains and snow, Andalusia has it all.

Are you planning a staff trip to Southern Spain? With our extensive database of hundreds of locations and hotels throughout Southern Spain, we can make the perfect match for your group. Our partners include a wide range of locations, from business to traditional and innovative to authentic. A unique location for every purpose for an unforgettable trip. While always considering the available budget, our task is to provide the best of the best within the possibilities.

Assembling the Trip:

After your destination is chosen, our event manager helps create the perfect program. A well-balanced trip considering the company's goals and the participants' wishes. A good combination of surprising elements, unique experiences, introduction to the local culture, and also enough time to rest and enjoy the experience. Increasingly, we see that such trips are combined with a specific business goal, and we are happy to help shape this as well.

In addition to choosing the right restaurants and sights, we also develop our own activities. From team-building games in the city to personalized routes with unique experiences. Organizing a private visit to the Alcazar Palace with musicians followed by a gala dinner in a private palace around the corner. A magical experience that participants will never forget. Or a private brunch in the garden where our king met his wife, Queen Maxima. We have access to places where a normal tourist would never enter. Combined with our knowledge of the local culture, we develop programs that participants would never have experienced if they had gone to the same place on vacation. That is precisely our goal. Creating unique and unforgettable experiences.


We are happy to assist at every step of the organization, starting with assembling the program, choosing the right hotel, and selecting the right restaurants. Followed by fine-tuning the program and organizing down to the details. Our project manager is there to ensure that everything runs smoothly thanks to flawless planning. At Be Event Group, we look ahead and anticipate possible problems before they arise.


We organize staff trips not only as a reward for past employee performance but as a way to connect employees to the company and motivate them for the future. Our team can help you develop great activities to ensure that the bond between employees is strengthened, and they remain motivated even after the trip! From team-building activities to fun and enjoyable experiences, your employees will always feel like the stars of the trip! If you want to plan meetings or meet other business goals during your stay, we can help choose the right location and ensure that all necessities are provided.

Studytour (Is a Staff Trip Tax Deductible?)

When the primary purpose of your trip is the education of your staff, we can classify it as a study tour. In many cases, staff trips of this nature can be tax-deductible, making it very interesting. This includes travel and accommodation costs and applies to the organization of conferences or seminars as well. For more information on the possibilities, you can check the website of the tax authorities. We are happy to assist in ensuring the proper implementation of this.

Catering / restaurants

Shared meals are one of the highlights of the trip and should not be underestimated during the organization. A welcoming reception with cocktails and appetizers on the hotel's rooftop can be a wonderful moment for an opening speech to start the trip off right! We can help you create a good balance in the various meals during the trip and choose the right restaurants or catering and entertainment for a gala dinner. This way, we turn the meals into an experience in themselves, avoiding touristy restaurants with more name recognition than quality.

Request for quote

For organizing a company trip, it is crucial to choose the right organization agency. Thanks to our Dutch background, experience in the industry, and local knowledge and contacts, we can form a unique bridge between the Dutch business world and the Mediterranean culture of Andalusia. Many groups think they can choose the right locations from the Netherlands based solely on internet reviews. This may be the case for a family vacation, but for a group, much more comes into play. Local knowledge that you only have when living and working in a city and dealing with these venues daily is essential.

To help you as best as possible, effective communication between both parties is crucial, and as an organization agency, we need a clear picture of your wishes and conditions. Because we tailor our quotes, several factors are important. We cannot offer the cozy restaurant on the corner for a large group, and the costs of renting a private palace may get out of hand for a small group. The fantastic rooftop may be great for an evening drink in the summer, but in winter, it's only suitable in the afternoon. There are countless factors we consider when developing the right program. Use the checklist below as a guide.


  • Date (if the date is unknown, provide at least an indication of the month)
  • Duration of the trip
  • Number of people
  • Profile of the participants (male/female, age, education level, interests)
  • Purpose/occasion of the trip
  • Any specific company goals or mandatory activities (such as a meeting or visit to an interesting location for the company)
  • Requirements for accommodation (1 or 2 persons per room, hotel star rating, type of stay, meeting facilities)
  • Preferences for types of activities and restaurants
  • Previous travel experiences (a good indication of interests and avoiding repetition)
  • Any areas for improvement or success factors from previous trips.
  • Budget (The budget is essential to prepare a good quote. We do not use it to maximize profit or adjust our prices accordingly. The budget is intended to make the right choices and offer the best within the possibilities. Without an indication of the budget, we do not provide a tailor-made quote for an incentive trip))

We believe that you, as organizers, should have to do as little as possible during the stay; this is also your reward. From start to finish, our event managers ensure that everything is arranged to perfection and are ready to answer all your questions and concerns. BE EVENT GROUP is ready to plan everything for you so that the organizing team of the trip can also enjoy and have an unforgettable experience!

Check out some examples of successful staff trips below or request a non-binding quote directly via our contact page.


On request

Minimal number of participants: from 20 persons


On request

LOCATION: Seville historic city center

Sevilla city center


Prices are only by tailor made quotation.


On request


Organizing a staff trip in Andalusia is possible throughout the whole year, at all days of the week (due to availability).


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